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HLTA preparation for assessment

Preparation for Assessment Handbook revised 2022

Annex 8 standards on one sheet

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Annex 9 Assessor Contact Sheet

S11 and HNAP Entry Tests

Annex 6 Qualifications guidance Std 11

Annex 7a HNAP tests information and FAQs

HNAP Numeracy sample test_practice questions

HNAP Numeracy sample test _Answers

HNAP Literacy sample test_practice questions

HNAPLiteracy sample test_answers

Additional Information for candidates

Preparation and Assessment: an overview

HLTA FAQs March 21

Annex 19 Appeals procedure and application

Additional information for schools

Annex 11 Information for HTs Online assessments

HNAP Code of Practice for RPAs_Nov 2022_Final

Providers of HLTA Preparation (PoPs)

The PoPs listed in our courses section offer preparation for HLTA assessment courses in a various formats – online, face-to-face or a blended approach.  For more details about course dates and contact details go to Courses and Providers of Preparation

HLTA North Partners

Leeds Trinity University

Northumbria University

Carnegie Leaders in Learning, Leeds Beckett

HNAP – the awarding body for HLTA Status

HLTA National Assessment Partnership)

Other organisations involved with preparation for HLTA Assessment courses

The Link School , Sunderland

Bradford Schools Online

Concordia, Lancashire

School Improvement Liverpool

Blackburn College

Chester University

Swaledale Alliance, North Yorkshire

Scarborough Teaching Alliance

Ebor Academy Trust, York