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HLTA North is one of three Regional Providers of HLTA Assessment in England. We have a long and successful history of promoting HLTA status and managing HLTA Assessments; our current team of Programme Managers from the universities that comprise HLTA North – Northumbria, Leeds Beckett and Leeds Trinity – is strongly committed to continuing, developing and building on this success.


The current Management Team

Mary Strode

Leeds Beckett University

Judith Robson

Northumbria University

David Snowdon

Leeds Trinity University

Maxine Pountney, Senior Assessor, HLTA North

The Management Team meets six times a year and is supported centrally by HLTA Senior Administrators from Carnegie Leaders in Learning, Leeds Beckett University. Our main contact is Ryan Kaye.

Ryan Kaye, HLTA Administrator

HLTA North


HLTA North delivers rigorous and high-quality external assessments and moderation of candidates against the HLTA standards and we are extremely proud of our role. Since our inception in 2003 we have organised and managed the assessments of thousands of support staff  who have subsequently been awarded HLTA status.  This status recognises the significant contribution these support staff have made to teaching and learning in schools and the benefits they have brought to children and young people across all phases of education. 


We provide:

HLTA Assessments

HLTA status is awarded by the Higher Level Teaching Assistant National Assessment Partnership (HNAP) and as one of the three Regional Providers of Assessment (RPA) within the partnership, HLTA North currently manages HLTA assessments across the North East and North West of England, in Yorkshire and Humberside, throughout North and North-East Lincolnshire and in Staffordshire, including Stoke-on-Trent. The number of support staff who have been awarded HLTA status (since 2004) across all our regions now totals around 16,000; nationally the figure is close to 60,000.

Professional Development

Preparing for the award of HLTA status is often viewed by school and candidates as an opportunity for CPD. Alongside the preparation course, some training organisations also offer additional training days or events that may be of interest to HLTAs and TAs; please let us know what’s happening in your region so we can share those opportunities via our FB page.

HLTA of the Year Awards 

To celebrate the achievements of HLTAs across our regions, we invite schools to nominate HLTA colleagues for special recognition. Nominations are shortlisted by a selected panel and successful nominees are chosen for each of our regions. It is a wonderful opportunity for HLTAs and schools to celebrate their success. One winner summed it up perfectly: “We are all winners….all HLTAs and TAs out there are making a huge difference to the lives of children and young people in our regions.”

A brief history of HLTA North

HLTA North was formed in the autumn of 2012 and became operational from January 2013 by combining three consortia that had worked together very successfully for many years. The timeline below provides the historical context.


HLTA Phase 1: CCDU was selected by the DfES as one of the HLTA Assessment Process Pilot Providers; an independent ‘Pilot Evaluation Report’ recommended that the process be rolled out across England


National roll-out of HLTA: 36 Providers of Preparation and Assessment, including the current Partners of HLTA North.


HLTA Phase 2: new contracts separated Assessment and Preparation.  Regional Providers of Assessment (RPAs) formed to manage HLTA assessments and facilitate/quality assure Preparation for Assessment by PoPs (Providers of Preparation). Two consortia formed by CCDU to manage assessments in the North of England:

North East Consortium

CCDU (lead organisation), Northumbria and Sunderland Universities (Sunderland withdrew mid-contract)

Yorkshire and Humber Consortium

CCDU (lead organisation), Leeds Trinity College and South Yorkshire Teaching Assistants Consortium (Sheffield Hallam University/Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley LAs)

Specialist Maths and Science Routes for HLTAs introduced and funded by the Government and facilitated by RPAs and PoPs. There was increasingly a move away from rigid ’Longer Routes’ to ‘Tailored Routes’.


HLTA Standards revised: RPAs/ DCSF /and Senior Assessor Working Group (SAWG) reviewed and improved the standards in line with the new Standards for Teachers. Revised HLTA standards confirmed October 2007 and implemented from 1/1/08.


A new organisation  ‘Carnegie Leaders in Learning’ formed between CCDU and Leeds Met University that built on existing partnership.

HLTA Phase 3: Reinforced the separation between Assessment and Preparation; RPAs no longer had responsibility to QA Preparation. Some RPA Partners continued to provide Preparation; several new organisations, i.e. school consortia, sought RPA support (training and QA) to become PoPs.

Three consortia formed by Carnegie Leaders in Learning (lead organisation) to manage regional HLTA assessments in the North of England:

North East Consortium

Carnegie Leaders in Learning/ Northumbria University

Yorkshire and Humber Consortium

Carnegie Leaders in Learning/ Leeds Trinity College/ Sheffield Hallam University

North West

Carnegie Leaders in Learning


HLTA Phase 3 contract not extended by the TDA/TA as part of the dramatic review of Government funded initiatives and financial pressure.

The HLTA National Assessment Partnership (HNAP) was formed by the five regional Providers of Assessment. All the members of HNAP – including HLTA North – have agreed to sustain the quality and consistency of HLTA Assessment across England and to provide assessments for HLTA provision. The Partnership has developed a model that enables PoPs, schools and individuals to access quality assured HLTA assessment against national standards. This model has maintained HLTA as national status.

HLTA North

Building on their existing consortia from Phase 3 and their on-going arrangements for regional HLTA assessments, a formal agreement was established between four northern Universities (Leeds Beckett-Carnegie Leaders in Learning/ Northumbria/ Leeds Trinity /and Sheffield Hallam) to continue to work together as equal partners to support, manage and deliver HLTA Assessments across the North of England as ‘HLTA North’. Since 2014, HLTA North has been managed by representatives from Northumbria University, Leeds Trinity University and Leeds Beckett University/Carnegie Leaders in learning.

The HLTA National Assessment Partnership (HNAP) HNAP web

HLTA status is a nationally recognised status, originally regulated by the TDA/TA and now regulated by HNAP, www.hlta.org.uk  (formed in 2012). HNAP is managed by a National Board consisting of representatives from three Regional Providers of Assessment, HLTA North, Northampton University and Strictly Education 4s, with an independent Chairperson, Dr Helen Benstead.

The HNAP Board meets at least twice a year.

HNAP Award for Outstanding HLTA of the Year

Since 2013 (with the exception of 2020), HNAP has hosted a national event in London to present the award for Outstanding HLTA of the Year. Each regional HLTA of the Year winner (9 in total) is automatically nominated for the award  – with the winner being announced on the day! Since 2013, three national winners have come from the North of England: Jenny Blunstone, Nidderdale, (2013);  Jill Birch, Barnsley (2015); and Deborah Carter, Leeds (2018).

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