Higher Level Teaching Assistant Courses


Providers of Preparation (PoPs)

Preparation courses leading towards HLTA status are run and managed by PoPs. As independent organisations they set their own fees. Although all PoPs design the format and resources for their own courses, all preparation courses must follow the guidance as outlined in HNAP’s (amended) Code of Practice, to ensure candidates are fully prepared to be assessed for HLTA Status.

Dates and venues for courses that are currently being offered in our three regions

can be found in the Course lists above.

As the RPA responsible for the assessment of candidates, HLTA North works closely with PoPs to maintain and promote the quality of preparation. Two of HLTA North’s partners, Northumbria University and Leeds Trinity University   are established PoPs and draw on this experience to advise and guide others. Contact details for all PoPs can be found by following the links above.  If you need help to find a course then please contact us.

Preparation for HLTA Assessment: basic course information

Preparation for HLTA Assessment courses have been designed  for suitably experienced support staff who are already working, or are able to work, at a higher level in their educational setting and are looking to gain a professional status. This status recognises their contribution to teaching and learning; their knowledge and understanding of learners; their use of legislation and frameworks in their everyday practice; and their professional attributes such as their communication skills.  The prep plus assessment can normally be completed within two school terms and  involves attending the equivalent of three full days with a Preparer (courses listed above); some offer online options rather than face to face teaching for all or part of their course but if you are looking to gain the status always check that this is the aim of the course.

Further details about HLTA status and what a course involves can be found here

Overview: Preparation and Assessment

Longer Route training

Some Training organisations offer additional days alongside the three day prep to help candidates develop and improve their practice. If you are interested in this option, contact the PoPs in your area to enquire about any additional training they provide.

An example of a longer route programme, is the one developed by Judith Robson, MBE, Senior Assessor at HLTA North, and one of the country’s first HLTAs.  The programme runs over two school terms (six half day sessions) and offers:

School Workforce Development Officer, Stockton-on-Tees

Judith R programme offers:

  • an opportunity for teaching assistants to develop their knowledge and understanding and improve pedagogical skills
  • a sound platform for those wanting to progress onto a preparation route to achieve HLTA status
  • flexibility in that it can be tailored to meet the needs of a school, TSA or Academy Trust

Throughout the programme candidates are asked to keep a learning journal and are supported by an experienced trainer/ tutor. At the end of the programme candidates are given the appropriate support and advice to progress onto a 3-day route.

To discuss this option with Judith,  please email her at: judith.robson@hltanorth.com