I became a TA by accident really ……when my eldest son started at Anderton Primary School – 17 years ago!

When I mentioned to the head teacher at the time that I was a qualified librarian, she jumped in  – quick as a flash  – to explain that the school were in the process of reorganizing the school library and followed it up by asking if I would be interested in helping.  Seventeen years later I am now the school’s only full time HLTA, covering PPA in most classes, delivering phonics and running the School Council…..amongst many other things.

Having qualified as a TA3 in 2008, I gained HLTA status in 2012 and my role is constantly changing in response to the needs and demands of our school. It is the constant change that makes the role so interesting:  where else could I be leading a whole school ‘Wake and Shake’ in the morning and spend the afternoon teaching sewing skills so the class can make waistcoats to wear on a South American rainforest adventure?

The people at Anderton are ALWAYS the most important things to me.  When talking about their school experiences, I want all the children to be able to say ‘Do you remember when…?’ with memorable, happy and interesting stories to tell. I have been extremely lucky in my role: I have a very supportive Head Teacher who allows me the freedom to action many mad and varied schemes to make school life and lessons more memorable – and extremely patient colleagues who help put those plans into action!

2014 was a FANTASTIC year for me. Winning the Outstanding HLTA of the Year for the Northwest was amazing – just the most wonderful feeling ever – then to go onto London and be awarded the National HLTA of the Year runner-up prize – wonderful!!

What next? I do not know. What will challenge me and what will I achieve? I have no idea. What I do know is that things will keep changing and so will my role as HLTA. My one hope is that I can continue on this very varied and enjoyable journey.