Outstanding HLTA of the Year

Helen, Kelly and Karon


Awards for ‘Outstanding HLTA of the Year’ are presented at our annual celebration event in July in the prestigious Lewis Jones Suite at Headingley Carnegie Stadium in Leeds. The evening includes contributions from previous winners and is a really exciting and enjoyable part of our calendar of events. Three awards are made, one for each of the three regions covered by HLTA North:

Yorkshire and Humber;   North East England;   North West England

The Yorkshire and Humber Award and North East Award are in memory of dear colleagues who died very suddenly in the summer of 2009:  Peter Sutherland from North Yorkshire LA and Jenny Ellis from Sunderland LA.   Both Peter and Jenny were valued colleagues, passionate about raising the status of support staff;  we are sure that they would be proud to be associated with this award.

The winners for 2013/ 2014 were: Helen Somers-Joce, Yorkshire and Humber; Kelly MacKenzie, North East; and Karon Higginbottom, North West. Click on their names to read more about the three winners.