WE WILL BE TAKING NOMINATIONS FOR 2020 – 21 FROM SEPTEMBER 2020 Owing to the current crisis, sadly we had to cancel the 2020 awards; instead we felt it appropriate to celebrate the successes of all HLTAs and support staff throughout the country and acknowledge and say thank you for the work you are doing in schools to support the learning and well being of children and young people.

Nominating a HLTA colleague for ‘Outstanding HLTA of the Year’ is a two stage process:

  • A colleague completes a Proposal Form (Form A). Any colleague can do this, including governors, support staff and teacher colleagues
  • A member of the Senior Management Team completes an Endorsement Form (Form B)

North-West nominationsProposal Form A;  Endorsement Form B

North-East nominationsProposal Form A;  Endorsement Form B

Yorkshire and Humber nominationsProposal Form A;  Endorsement Form B

Proposal Form A needs to be sent to HLTA North by (DATE TBA) and Endorsement Form B by (DATE TBA)  Both forms for your region need to be submitted to Tim Hirst at HLTA North (see Guidance Document).

What next? Nominations are considered and assessed by a selected panel from the HLTA community; this includes previous winners of the award, senior assessors and invited guests who have significant experience working with TAs and HLTAs.

Please discuss this with school colleagues and encourage participation; we are always delighted to receive all nominations so that we can celebrate and acknowledge what HLTAs are doing around the region.  The award really helps to raise the profile of HLTA status and recognise the impact that HLTAs make every day on the lives of children and young people.