Thank you to all those who attended the events in Leeds, Gateshead and Liverpool (2015). Your contributions to the day were very much appreciated by all the presenters and the partnership team at HLTA North.

Notes and PowerPoints from the events can be accessed below.

SEND: an overview of recent changes (ppt)

Please visit: for additional resources.

Gill Tricoglus/ Maxine Pountney/ Nick Mitchell, HLTA North & Leeds Beckett
Maximising the impact of TAs and HLTAs on children’s learning

Effective deployment of Teaching Assistants (ppt): workshop based on the findings and recommendations from the DISS Project, 2003-9, and the EDTA Project, 2011-12

Survey (audit): from

Teacher/TA partnership

Blooms Taxonomy; Bloom Poster Mat; Blooms Cards question-stem

H & G Q Handout   H & G Answers

Book: Webster, R; Russell, A; Blatchford, P (2012) Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants: Guidance for school leaders and teachers, Routledge

Judith Robson, M.B.E. School Workforce Development Officer for Stockton

Fiona Hall, Award Leader BA Education, Staffordshire University

Exploring Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: ADHD Workshop Sue Andrews B.Ed (Hons); M.A.
Developing positive learning behaviour: Behaviour workshop (ppt)  Sheila Guise
Early identification and support for children with special needs: EY Workshop (ppt inc links to resources); Attachment presentation (ppt) Maxine Pountney/ Caroline Speight